Hey guys, I’d just like you show you my Clara cosplays through out a few months. I’m proud of em! I don’t post a lot here, but I do on my Instagram, rycbar123. Thanks! Also, I’m working on Clara’s red medieval cosplay next! :D

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Hey have I ever shown you guys my Clara cosplay outfits? I’m really proud of em! And also, everything is an alt other than the blue dress! I have 2 more coming, Nightmare in Silver and Time of the Doctor. I post a lot more on my Instagram, my username is rycbar123.

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I found this awesome alt for JttCotT dress. And guess what, it’s only $30! I wish I found out sooner because this is almost perfect! You can buy it here 


I found this awesome alt for JttCotT dress. And guess what, it’s only $30! I wish I found out sooner because this is almost perfect! You can buy it here 

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This is a link to my FB filled with petitions to UO and River Island asking them to rerelease the dresses/bag Clara wore in Doctor Who.

PLEASE consider signing. I’ve had a lot of reblogging but not nearly as many signatures and we need to really show them we have the interest I know we do.

So please consider signing and giving us a win for the Cosplayers!

And reblogging and asking friends to sign with you.


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So a few people have asked me where I bought my jttcott dress. Well, I’ve bought it from this fantastic store here. The price’s are a little bit expensive, but it’s very well made and totally worth it.

Journey to the Center of the TARDIS Dress - $192.99 USD

Cold War Dress - $123.99 USD

Oswin Oswald Apron - $63.99 USD

Nightmare in Silver Skirt - $83.99 USD

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Here’s my cosplay so far for Comic Con this March, I’m Journey to the Center of the TARDIS Clara! I’m almost done, I’m going to add a few more bracelets and some earrings and I’m done for this cosplay.

This is my cosplay guys!

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Welp I haven’t been on in forever and a cheap tenth doctor cosplay has been requested a very long time ago, ages really. I’m very sorry. But, better late than never so ALLONS-Y.

Suit: The suit is from H&M, but they’re sold separately. The blazer is $40 and the bottoms are $30.

Shoes: Converse of course! If you don’t have a pair already, you can buy them here in red for $55.

Sonic screwdriver: On sale at Think Geek for $24.

Tie: There’s a similar tie on eBay here for $12 or you could buy a fan made replica for approximately $50. 

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hey guys so here’s the thing y’all wanted. It was HIGHLY recommended, so here ya go. 

Dress: Dorthy Perkins Cream Lace Layer Dress - £20

Vest: AE Slouchy Surplus Vest - $53 or Forever21 Out West Utility Jacket - $42 (cut off the weird sleeves and its perfect. and almost $10 less than the other one…)

Skirt: Thread Sense High Slit Maxi Skirt - $25. Tie a bit of it up and you’re done for the skirt. :)

Boots: AEO Slouchy Buckle Boot - $79 Sorry about the high price, any taupe boot will be okay, but these are pretty accurate.

Arm Thingamajigs: Ebay Arm Warmers $3 or get a white/heather grey sweater with some sort of knit pattern and cut them off.

Well, her outfit looks pretty torn so if you wanna go all out go tear up bits of it go ahead, but if you don’t that’s perfectly fine too. Oh yes and the tights! Here: Walmart tights in brown for $16

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allucid-alice said:
I wanna cosplay as Clara for the 50th but I'm sort on time and money any help?

Okay, these aren’t exact or very similar but they’re quite good I think:)

Jackets: Either the very similar J Crew jacket for $88 or 2b Bailey Zipper jacket for $30. 

Dress: Again, two choices. The Dorthy Perkins Red Floral Twist Sleeve dress ($31) or the Modcloth Plays Awheel Dress which is $42 but much similar pattern wise. It’s 30% off and there are four left!

Boots: H&M boots for $39 or New Look Zip Heel Ankle Booties for £24.

Gloves: Merona Driving Leather Gloves for $22

Necklace: Horseshoe Necklace on Etsy for $39

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